Women’s Mental Health – When to Get help

I look around at my friends, social media, stories I hear and I don’t know if it is a coincidence, a bad (few) year(s) or ourΒ age but there is so much unhappiness and suffering, than it’s staggering. Depressions. Illnesses. Couple crises. Burnouts. Anxieties. Losses. Financial crises. Loneliness. I believe that it is our age. That […]

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Why you too should try pilates

Pilates studio

Read to learn more about this intensive and efficient body-mind exercise. I am totally in love with pilates, let me convince you why you too should try it!

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Brunch Hotel Tiffany, Geneva

Great report on family friendly brunch in Geneva. Hotel Tiffany is well known for its cuisine and as it appears the brunch formula won’t break your bank!

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