Long time no see!

I’ve been neglecting you. Completely and utterly…I took a long time off but it wasn’t to take holidays.. would you guess this is what I’ve been doing?

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One day it just clicks

I am so much in love with this. Beautiful, kind, inspiring, truthful, rewarding. It feels like the perfect finale for my transformation (here) and pineapple post (here). It feels like after tough times I found myself again, just tiny bit better. And it worths to remember that the original tagline on my starterΒ blog was “my […]

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Hot News! Smart Book about Watches is Here

Louis Nardin The magic of the watches

New smart book about watches is on the market and I was at the launch event!! Are you a watch enthusiast or looking for gift ideas? This is exciting news for you!! Read for more..

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My Eone Timepiece

Read about inspiring company with revolutionary product for vision impaired and blind people.

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