“Life is too short to waste it pretending being someone I am not.”

Coffee addicted dreamer, girl of controversy with obligers tendencies (.. ask Mrs Gretchen Rubin), born in pisces to young parents in a small town, in a small country right in the heart of Europe.

Over 10 years in corporate finance in multinationational trading houses taught me that spending is better than loosing, more isn’t always better than less and that corporate world and career isn’t for everyone.

my family, nature, soups, wine, jeans and genuine people.
Oh, did I say coffee??

About my blog
What started as self-therapy during tough times turned quickly into passion and an online journal transformed into a lifestyle & inspirational blog for women.
Besides fashion, food, traveling and other fun stuff I am focusing on quest for well-being  and I want to inspire and motivate women to step out of the ordinary, follow their passions and have the courage and audacity to go for their dreams.

Swiss based

Love, Ale

Contact me
directly at aleblogs4u@gmail.com or through contact form here.

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