Lac des Rousses – Perfect destination for a day trip to nature, 1 hour from Geneva

I love getting out to nature very much and so it doesn’t make any sense that I do it that little. Maybe once in a month or even in two months..? So how great is that I have discovered a new place, a hidden gem 1 hour from Geneva?

Ideal destination for lazy drivers

Truth be told, I hate going anywhere if I need to drive for more than an hour. It’s a new thing. I used to drive long distances, day or night. When I lived in Budapest in my early twenties, I would drive back home for weekends, leaving Friday nights after work and back Sunday nights. It would take 5 hours if no traffic and no breaks and I had no issue with it. Now, driving 3h to Basel feels unbearable and boring.

I don’t know many places for a walk around Geneva that are within 1.5h driving distance, that aren’t too crowded and have look and feel of true nature. Thanks to parentville, a local based blogger for parents, I’ve discovered a new one, which immediately made it to my top 10 places to go when I feel ‘green’ (see what I did there ?)

A day away from Geneva ?

When Olga from parentville posted on her Instagram a photo from her trip to Lac des Rousses it straight away caught my attention.. Secluded, peaceful, wild, no playgrounds, no designated picnic areas, only forest, lake and grass… … I wanted to go for a walk there right away! And so I did. The following day happened to be Jeûne Genevois, which means a day off here in Geneva, and great opportunity for a simple day-trip.

Fondue at Chez Mamac – tested and approved

The weather forecast for morning was lousy but afternoon looked good. We decided to beat the cloudy cold and rainy time with official kick off of the fondue season ! We booked a table in a rustic little restaurant conveniently situated on our way, right after St Cergue called Chez Mamac. (Note: This is definitely a place to remember for summer time! Lunch on their terrace, views and a walk around looks like a perfect plan)

After the lunch it took only 10 minutes to arrive to our final destination, le Lac des Rousses.

Lac des Rousses – your new favorite spot

We’ve put to our GPS the restaurant Chalet, which is facing the lake and where we originally planned to have lunch , have they not been closed for their annual holidays.

Restaurant Chalet du Lac – closed at time of our visit

There is a free public parking right in front of the Chalet restaurant, next to the route, or private parking for guests of the restaurant.
Only thing left is to cross the street and enjoy the views on the lake and forests and walk around.

Next time we are packing a picnic so kids can enjoy playing and exploring even longer.

All in all, this is a great place to visit. So close to Geneva, you reach your destination in about an hour and fifteen minutes and the road is quite panoramic (on the way back we skipped high-way) .

Where to eat ?

You have the option to bring your own picnic and here are my two suggestions if you feel like eating out:

Chez Mamac – reservation recommended. (Prix: fondue avrg. 25chf, water 5chf, coffee 3.5chf)
Chalet du Lac – snack bar & restaurant. 

Sharing is always a good idea

If you are an IG fan like I am, don’t forget to share pictures from your trip to inspire others, just like Olga did with me.

And I will love if you tag me at @me_alenapat or hashtag #mirrorsdonotlie

Hugs, Alena

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