Our visit of MEG – La fabrique des contes

We chose the first sunny day in long time for our visit of the new temporary exhibition ‘La fabrique de contes or The fabric for tales’ and to no surprise we were literally alone there. Great choice as there was nobody waiting around for their turns on headphones and we could take our time.

‘La fabrique de contes’ (not only) for kids

Once upon a time… there was an exhibition that quite terrified my kids. Jokes aside, my kids are quite easy to please, Xavier is nearly 4, generally fearless but soaks up and adopts Zoe’s energy and reactions and Zoe is nearly 8 but regardless her age, she is a sensitive soul and gets easily scared or emotional. They enjoyed very much different types of displays except the Godmother Death part, with quite dark visuals and scary mask representing the death I guess and The Moon and the She-wolf, which I personally liked the most.

Lying down on the puff listening to the story and looking right up at the large moon that appeared so real was relaxing and captivating. It brought me back to summer nights when I would lie in the grass of my parents garden and just stare up to summer night sky with shining bright moon, hoping to spot a shooting star.
Unfortunately for me this display was the one that Zoe really disliked, dark atmosphere and unexpected gun shots scared her and we were pretty much done here.

Tip: You can download an app ‘Fabrique des contes’ and get the audioguide with the stories to your phone (Android and iPhone).

It’s been a while since I did something different with kids and visiting MEG was ideal for few hours activity on our free Wednesday. In fact I was so lazy, that we stayed and enjoyed also lunch at their lovely sunny (still bit cold) terrasse. Kids got lasagna and raviolis with ricotta and asperge, both came with green leaf salad for starters and we spent 56 chf including sparkling water, coffee and lollipops.


After lunch we took a quick look at the playground of the neighbouring school but after 10 minutes the verdict was “boring”

and off we went enjoy the rest of the afternoon at our regular tested and approved playground.

Museum of ethnography

(MEG) in Geneva is always great place for a visit, whether you are alone or with family. Their permanent exhibition ‘The Archives of Human Diversity’ showcases over 1’000 objects and is free! When weather sucks, which was the case here in Geneva for most of the 2019 so far, MEG gets crowded with small visitors and their parents looking for fun indoor activities which makes this large spacious modern museum the perfect spot to be.

The exhibition ‘La fabrique de contes’ is on from 17th May 2019 till 5th January 2020 so there is plenty of time to visit.

Tip: if you are getting to MEG by car, park in Plainpalais parking closer to Uni-Mail exit. Then it is only short walk away. When getting your tickets at MEG ask for reduction for parking. You will receive a ticket to be used together with your parking ticket when paying. We paid 3chf i/o 5chf using the MEG reduction.

Links: MEG map & Tarif (under 18 years free);
MEG on Instagram

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