Long time no see!

Hello there, Loves!

I am feeling so ashamed.
Yes, I’ve been neglecting you. Completely and utterly…  and I am sorry for that!

There are actually crowds of fans signing up a petition for my return to work! My inbox reached its capacity, full of messages pleading for my blog resuscitation! I’ve ruined countless New Year’s Eve celebrations, not sending out my best wishes post!…ok, jokes aside, for that I am sorry and I truly hope your 2017 is and will be everything you want it to be!!

Truth be told, few of you did notice me disappearing from the blogosphere and did reach out, it was sweet and flattering and thank you for that special attention..

I’ve been super busy these past months working on my new baby. Ok, everybody calms down now and keeps on reading… I got already two little humans at home and I think we will stick with that count…  This new baby is not really a human, it is a project.

It started from a frustration that turned into an idea.. then the idea became a plan and then a business plan and all that translated into countless nights spent doing and re-doing things, counting and re-counting…
but all that feels somewhat great, when you work on something that makes sense to you, that you see great potential in and is yours to keep alive.

We will be launching our business soon (partnering with my great friend), we’ve set our launch date on 31st March 2017 as we’ve already missed International Women’s Day…
and after that I will be back on track with my blog again!

I can’t wait to tell you more about my experience with coming up and building own business in foreign country!

And the best part?

I can now honourably use trending tags, such as

… I mean, it’s really a big deal ya’ know?

Love, A.


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Coffee, soup and happiness addict, girl of controversy I miss daydreaming and slow time. Leaving corporate world, pursuing my dreams and blogging about things close to my heart. Swiss based.

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