9 Swiss Christmas markets to get you in a festive mood

With Christmas getting closer most of us start to look around for nice Christmas market tips. This is the first year that we stay in Switzerland for Christmas, usually we visit my family in Czech republic and I was disappointed about not going this year but now I am excited like a little girl about staying.
It is so lovely to go back home and spend time with family… but it is different, wonderful and exciting to stay and make our own Christmas here. Decorating our house and our tree, baking own Christmas cookies, preparing our traditional Christmas dinner, singing, gifts unwrapping…just the four of us…  I cannot wait 🙂

I can’t wait to go, browse the markets sipping my hot wine, shopping for gifts and new Christmas decorations. I hope the weather will cooperate because my expectations are quite high!! I see crispy night full of stars with snow falling slowly down and Christmas carols playing from stands around… people smiling, kids with eyes wide open, excited about this magical time… did I say my expectations are quite high? hahaha

Here is a great tip from Lenews.ch:

Love, A.

9 Swiss Christmas markets to get you in a festive mood 

This article was updated on 24 October 2016.While Christmas may be considered an over-commercialised affair, the Swiss hold true to their roots.Traditional Swiss Christmas typically lasts

Source: 9 Swiss Christmas markets to get you in a festive mood

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