Simple zucchini and tomatoes quiche

I’ve never made a quiche in my life. Here, I said it!! Never until today.

Zoe was hungry the other day in town and the only thing left in the patisserie shop was a little spinach quiche. She loved it so I thought I have to finally give it a try. Everyone keeps saying they are super easy but to me they look fairly complicated. I don’t bake and anything looking even slightly like a cake or tart intimidates me.

I can confirm I am no longer a quiche virgin πŸ˜€ and indeed the one I made was very simple. Served with a little green salad on side and voila, our dinner was perfect.


2 dl of milk
1 egg
1 1/2 soup spoons of maizena (corn starch)
3 soup spoons of grated cheese (I had mozzarella for cooking)
Mix well, season.

2 medium sized zucchini
150g cherry tomatoes (I had regular tomatoes only)
1 clove garlic

Follow the preparation instructions for your ‘pΓ’te brisΓ©e’ (tart pastry). I preheated the oven for 220C and then baked at 200C for 40min.

Simple zucchini and tomatoes quiche
Simple zucchini tomato quiche

Zoe said it was nothing like the one she had from the shop. Of course the other one was much better! Firstly, the bought one was more salty and secondly, from today she apparently HATES cooked tomatoes.. She ate a nice piece nonetheless πŸ™‚

Next try is going to be either salmon or spinach/feta..

Love, A.


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Coffee, soup and happiness addict, girl of controversy I miss daydreaming and slow time. Leaving corporate world, pursuing my dreams and blogging about things close to my heart. Swiss based.

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