Pear, banana, berry compote and reusable pouches

My kids love their compote! It is great snack or dessert and when buying, I always try to get the ones with no sugar added. You would be surprised how difficult it is here in Switzerland! The brands available in main grocery stores have wide range of compote flavours but once you are on ‘no sugar added’ mission the choice gets much thinner.

Going across the borders to France, there is wider choice of the same brands’ no sugar added flavours so I try to stock up as I can and my fridge allows.

Kids’ most favourite are the compote pouches!

I admit they are very practical ‘on the go’ .. actually I love them for travels!! .. but it is neither eco friendly (just think of the amount of waste we would produce with 2 kids having each  one pouch a day… It really bothers me!) nor economical. Those pouches for little one (Hero baby and other brands) go for about 2chf a piece! That is roughly 60 chf a month if I give it to Xavier daily. Zoe gets one per day to school as a dessert with her lunch… So add it all up and I can tell you I have better ideas how to spend these extra bucks 😉

So 1. having complete control over the ingredients, 2. being considerate to environment and 3. saving my pocket, I think making own compote at home is the best thing! It is quick and easy and we reduce the consumption of the above pouches to minimum. And you can make compote from anything… fruits, veggies, anything.

I’ve already wrote about simple apple compote (here) with no sugar added. This time I tried to use the rest of pears and ripe bananas I had and result is pretty cool. As it is also cranberries season and I had a pack of those, I threw some in as well..


Cranberries are quite sour so I did sweetened it up this time with some agave nectar. agave

Added bit of cinnamon and let simmer until all fruits soften.
Mixed it to pure and voila!


I am planning to buy reusable pouches though.. Do you maybe use those? Do they work well for you?

Will let you know how they worked for us once I test them…

Love, A.


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