Delicious and simple lasagne

I had my former boss coming over for lunch the other day and knowing that he loves simple home made food I decided to go for lasagne. You might not believe me but this is first ‘regular’ lasagne I ever made. I usually hardcore improvise when cooking so we already had fish lasagne (so good!) or lasagne with aubergine which I call ‘when Italy meet Greece’ …

Ok so here is what I did and it was pretty good!! Took me about 3 hours from scratch. I shortened most of the processes from the recipe, for example I let the meat sauce cook for 45min instead of 1h30min as in the recipe. I figured that the meat is cooked and anyway it still goes to oven. Then I baked the lasagne for 1h.

Recipe which I followed is here:

I did not have celery branches so I put more carrots, it was just so yummy!!

Definitely something to try πŸ™‚

Love, A.


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Coffee, soup and happiness addict, girl of controversy I miss daydreaming and slow time. Leaving corporate world, pursuing my dreams and blogging about things close to my heart. Swiss based.

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