Autumn in long grey dress #OOTD

Summer is over and with it go most of the bright colours and loose short dresses. I have this bear’s instinct to get ready for a nice winter sleep. I nearly instantly switched to dark and grey colours and cozy materials. I could do full week in turtlenecks and pullovers. This is the time of year when my tea consumption goes crazy…

I did not do my autumn shopping yet (and now with the weather here I don’t even think I will need to, as it is cold and rainy, getting uncomfortably close to winter weather!), got only two things for this season so far: grey long dress and a nice pair of low rain-boots.

When I received my dress in post I was quite excited to see that it fits me and it isn’t too tight. I really don’t like tight clothes, it makes me feel like a muffin!!
This one is neither too loose, just enough to feel comfortable.


It is a long sleeve dress with turtle neck.
Together with my black leather jacket it kept me warm enough, which wouldn’t be the case today anymore!! So this outfit is good only for sunny autumn days..


It is long just under knees so I guess boots are not an option, will need to try it next time with my black ankle boots. With warmer tights and proper coat I am sure I can wear it for the rest of the autumn as well…


I absolutely love my Fendi ‘By the way‘ tote.
I got it a year ago and I cannot stop loving it! Best purse purchase ever… It is fantastic for every day use because despite how small it looks, it fits more stuff then you would think. Having two kids I often need to have both hands free, but most of the cross body bags are just so ugly! This one looks lovely even when you wear it as cross body bag.. Colours which I chose just go with anything.


I even bothered to wear a lipstick to complete this feminine look 😀


The best part of this outfit is that you don’t need to spend fortune on it!!

For inspiration:
Dress: Zalando (here)
Leather jacket: Zara (mine is last season so unavailable, but here is another option)

I am trying to innovate here and there and discover new styles which might fit me. I think this one was quite successful, I liked how comfy I felt while feeling ‘all dressed up’.

Next time I could combine the dress with a furry vest maybe? Any other ideas?

Happy autumn!!

Love, A.


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Coffee, soup and happiness addict, girl of controversy I miss daydreaming and slow time. Leaving corporate world, pursuing my dreams and blogging about things close to my heart. Swiss based.

4 thoughts on “Autumn in long grey dress #OOTD

  1. I totally agree! The November rain has definitely arrived a little too early and with that flood of rain its managed to wash everyone’s brightly coloured clothes away. Just leaving behind the monochrome palette and a puddle of bright rainbow paint. So bring some of that colour back, the grey dress is super and looks fab, grey is a soft colour and can match with an accent of yellow or like the hot pink on your handbag. I’m inspired now to get some important basic clothing to work from….. but sadly geneva isn’t great for clothes shopping compared to other cities. Any tips???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi lovely! You are right, I could definitely accessorise with bright colours 🙂 Geneva is sad place when it comes to shopping, there are some little boutiques for bespoke clothing but for basics I would take advantage if you go to London anytime soon.. you can also order online from UK shops but I am sure you know it! Lyon is really nice for shopping, about hour and half from Geneva.. have you been already?


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