Hot News! Smart Book about Watches is Here

Louis Nardin The magic of the watches

Two days ago I had the immense pleasure to participate in the launch event of new book about watches ‘The Magic of Watches – A Smart Introduction to Fine Watchmaking‘.

The event was really lovely and I was so impatient to finally get my hands on that book!!


..I was probably the 3rd one to buy one and 1st one getting it signed, hahaha!!

Louis Nardin The Magic of the watches
Louis Nardin signing ‘The Magic of the watches’

I am not a watch connoisseur but living with a watch aficionado it kind of rubbed on me. I appreciate high-end watches and I am amazed at some complications and creations. With some of them it is even hard to say whether it is still a watch or a piece of art.

Don’t know what I mean? Check this amazing video (here) and tell me if you ever saw anything like that?! …. and that is just an example of what is out there, in the realm of haute horlogerie.

Now that I finally have the book I am excited to understand more about the inner workings of watches, their design, functioning and all the cool stuff.

The author, Louis Nardin, is well-known and respected watch journalist, watch connoisseur and blogger.

He gave great speech, genuine and humble; you could feel his excitement and passion for the subject. His wife, Yannick Nardin, stunning on that evening in her beautiful red dress, got credit in his speech for her support and work on the book. She was mainly in charge of translating the book from English to French.

Yannick and Louis Nardin
Yannick and Louis Nardin

Ok, back to Louis Nardin and his book..

Does his name sound familiar to you?

It should!

Louis is a member of the Nardin family who founded famous Ulyssee Nardin watch brand in 1846 (Note: family sold the brand in 1983 to Rolf W. Shnyder; Find more on the history about this luxury brand here)

The idea behind ‘The Magic of Watches’
Louis is an expert in the domain and talking with people about his job and passion he soon realized that there is not much of general knowledge about watches. Materials related to watch industry are often highly technical and detailed for a layperson and so he realized that this is a great opportunity to create sort of an introductory essay;

“Book with the unique ambition to be a useful toolbox for the newcomer and to give him or her the keys to this amazing universe” in his own words.

Louis Nardin The magic of the watches
Louis Nardin signing ‘The Magic of the watches’

From the back of his cover page:

Fine watches are charming, elegant, emotional and rare creations. Nevertheless, their role in societal status, their mechanical complexity, and their high value and pricing structures can discourage people from becoming interested in them.

‘The magic of Watches’ was created to build a bridge between people and this rich universe of mechanics and art. It has been designed as an easy and complete introduction for newcomers. Its missing is to present each facet of this unique yet functional object, thereby providing laymen with the opportunity to fall in love with fine watches and even consider purchasing one.

Great gift idea
If you are looking for a present for someone who likes watches, is intrigued by them, plans to invest into a nice one maybe… or if you are looking for a ‘gift from Switzerland’ and don’t want it to be cheese or crayons, this might be your thing.

Louis Nardin The magic of the watches
Louis Nardin The magic of the watches – teaser

wp-1476256002232.jpg             wp-1476255988023.jpg

Book details:
English version: The Magic of Watches – A Smart Introduction to Fine Watchmaking
French version: La magie des montres : Découvrir simplement l’horlogerie
Author: Louis Nardin
1st edition: 3 October 2016
Price vary by country between 39Eur and 45USD

Let me know if you got one and how did you like it?

Love, A.


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