Theatre show for your 3 – 8 years old, Versiox

Are you looking for ideas for family fun with your kiddo?

What about a lovely theatre piece  Dotty the Dragon, currently in production in Versoix?
Show is on 8th-16th October 2016.

Here is the story:

Dotty is a baby Fire Dragon. She lives in a dusty old castle with her grumpy dad, Mr Dragon. She loves to watch the children playing in the village below, and wishes she could join them!

One day Dotty has a brilliant idea – she will fly down to the village and say hello! After all, everybody loves surprises, don’t they? But not everybody loves DRAGONS! And nobody wants to be a dragon’s supper. After all, dragons eat children, don’t they?

Will Dotty make new friends, or will the fearful village folk put on their wellies, pick up their pitch forks, pull scary faces and chase Dotty back home to her castle?!

Show by Blunderbus Theatre Company, perfect for 3-8 year olds.

Use this link to check availability and purchase your tickets (here)

We are going this Friday!!

Let me know how did you like the show 🙂

Love, A.


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