4 Myths about pilates

I am no expert in pilates and I don’t pretend to be one. I’ve turned to a complete enthusiast and I believe everyone should try pilates!

I also see that there are some common myths regarding pilates so here are 4 things that are NOT valid when it comes to pilates:

  1. Pilates is only for women
    No, no, no!
    Besides the fact that pilates was invented by a man (J. Pilates) there is plenty of athletes and celebrities benefiting from this exercise. Oh, you wanna hear some names? Well, what about Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Hugh Grant…?
    … them and many others use pilates to maintain core strength, flexibility and function.

    NFL Chicago Bears – Martellus Bennett enjoys pilates
  2. Pilates is great for a weight-loss
    Ehm, no!
    Pilates moves are a great complement to weight training and cardio. Pilates is NOT a cardio exercise and it does not significantly burn calories.
  3. Pilates is only good for your abs
    The primary benefits are (read more here):

      • Centering — Bringing the focus to the center of your body, which can teach you how to use your core muscles to generate athletic or forceful movements.
      • Concentration — Bringing full attention to each exercise and learning how to engage in high-quality focus.
      • Control — Performing a movement with control and fluidity, which can teach you how to move more gracefully.
      • Precision — Having self-awareness of your body’s tiny movements and knowing the alignment of one body part relative to other body parts and how your body is moving through space — which can help with athleticism.
      • Breath — Using a very full breath in your exercises and thinking of your lungs as a bellows which strongly pump air fully in and out of your body, which you can use in other activities such as stress relief or sports.
      • Flow — Performing your movements in a flowing, graceful manner, which can help you become a better dancer or athlete, or even simply improve your everyday posture.


4. Pilates is just like yoga
Not really.
They both are body-mind exercise, however, yoga adds an additional element to the mix—the spirit. Exploring spirituality is a huge part of yoga practice, especially through meditation. The exercises done in Pilates classes almost always involve regimented movements to gain core and spine strength whereas in yoga you will work out every muscle in your body equally. Each posture is accompanied by a counter-posture to ensure you create balance in your body.
I understand there is a major difference in breathing techniques as well but I am not an expert and do not dare to get into detail like that.

So now that these myths are cleared out, are you ready to get out there and give it a try??!!

I surely hope so….!

Love, A.

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4 thoughts on “4 Myths about pilates

    1. Good luck, the return might be tough 😉 I can already feel the difference in my posture and my back feels stronger.. It always amazes me how difficult these small movements with no weights (mat) are and how little endurance do I have!! When did you see yourself improving in the exercise?


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