How to use the entire chicken in 3 steps

Don’t you hate wasting food?
I do too!

Here and there I look for ways how to plan our weekly meals more efficiently and here I have for you a quick simple tip on how not to waste anymore any part of your chicken.

You probably might have already heard of it, I am aware that it is old -probably really really old – news, but I did not know it and I am quite excited that it worked so easily and I want to share this tip with peeps like me (yes, those who are just slowly getting there… all these grandma hacks and tricks are still very new for us ).

So here we go…
You got yourself a good chicken… by good I mean (if you have the choice and means) nice BIO, well fed, well treated (free range) chicken.
Tip: Locally I prefer french brand Loué for their values (sustainability – energies, breeding & non GMO grains).

First, use it for delicious, heart warming meal –

I am so very lazy that I just make all in one dish: chicken, veggies, spices. This time I roasted the chicken with potatoes with skin (here we call them new potatoes) and carrots. I used very little salt (to my surprise it wasn’t missing at all), herbs de Provance, bit of sweet paprika sprinkled over the chicken and cumin. That was it. I have left it in the preheated oven, covered and at 220°C (I think 430F) for 1h45min (decide the time for yourself though, totally depends on the size of your chicken and how much veggies you put in the pot).

And voila…. 

Tasty, delicious roasted chicken for lunch without any hassle

For serving I have added some quinoa, simply because we like it, and also small mini greens and here is what we all loved!

Tasty, delicious roasted chicken for lunch without any hassle

My 5 yr old requested to have the very same dish for lunch to school (and that represents the ultimate praise in my world…)


If you are like us and won’t eat all the meat, clean the meat properly from the carcasse and store the it carefully in the fridge.

You will use it for your next winner –

It can be anything you like. Chicken caesar salad or simple pasta salad with chicken. Really, anything… depending on how much leftover you have, you can also add it to the chicken stock you are about to get from the carcasse and make delicious chicken soup..

Finishing with the last bits…

As for the chicken carcass, you can either freeze it, if you wish to wait to have some more bones or proceed directly to using it and make –

Homemade chicken stock is a fantastic thing! You can use it directly for soup, you can keep it and use for other meals preparation (e.g. risotto)

Note: Some people keep the skin too, I did not, I am not a big fan as I have impression i can taste it in the soup.

I washed the carcass first before cooking it, to wash off the oil from roasting.

Put it into medium size cooking pot, add veggies and condiments you have at hand (in my case this time only garlic, onion, carrots and parsley which I had in freezer), add salt, pepper, cumin, cover in water and let simmer for at least 1 hour. I actually left it for two hours (1 hour uncovered) because I’ve put bit too much water and the stock was weak. Now it is just perfect! If you have also celery and thyme do not hesitate!! It will be pure perfection 😉

I hope this was useful to you! I love tips and tricks which are easy to remember and to actually make and this is one of them so I had to share it with you!!

Bon appétit!

Love, A.

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