Thank you for everything



Thank you for all the good things. They bring smile to my face, warm feeling around my stomach and my heart feels tight. They bring hope and put me into alert at same time, suspicious about when is the reality gonna bite my ass.

Thank you for the bad things too. Making me feel like shit. Unaccepted. Unapproved. Unimportant. Second class citizen. It leaves me with stomach ache, crunching my teeth  and my lungs squeezed tight.

But it shows me one important thing. It opens my eyes to see how really dependent I am on the acceptance, approval and interest from others. It is my long-lasting strongest weakness. It can make me thrive or ill.

If I can work on it, break the dependance of my emotions on the outside world, I will set myself free and be much happier and stronger person.

So, thank you for everything. Really.

Love, A.

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Coffee, soup and happiness addict, girl of controversy I miss daydreaming and slow time. Leaving corporate world, pursuing my dreams and blogging about things close to my heart. Swiss based.

11 thoughts on “Thank you for everything

  1. I am totally in love with this!
    I am also grateful for the people who express to me mean words and actions. It reminds me that everyone is human, caught up in their own thoughts and feelings as they try to navigate the world. They are showing me their pain, their frustration, their whirlwind of thinking. It has nothing to do with me, only how they perceive me. I am thankful to be reminded that I look the same when I am caught up in my personal thinking.

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    1. Tammy, agree with you and it is amazing that you are so gracious and way beyond me with the gratitude you manage to feel in these situations. I am not that gracious or forgiving, just really trying to find something to take out from painful situations, experiences or people.. thank you for your thoughts..


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