Sunday Brunch in Hotel Intercontinental, Geneva, Switzerland

I love brunches! I just really l.o.v.e brunches!! But we don’t go that often anymore.. With two little kids all the purposes are already defeated so I see no point in trying.

Lazy late mornings?
Well, you are up by 8am anyway as the rest of the crew demands feeding!

Slow sipping on mimosa and enjoying open buffet and little chat?
Bahaha, my glass would be probably knocked over by our five year old still full (and people wonder why I drink fast!! LOL) and our one year old would scream his head off if striped down to chair, so someone would have to walk with him around, making sure he doesn’t eat the food from under the tables, because yes, that’s what he does now! Give him pasta he won’t eat it but drop it under the table, he will find it and chew on it happily.. arrgghhh.

Anyway…… there are brunch places providing baby-sitting services, which I find a genius idea and as soon as the little one is older, we will be brunching out again!! (I have to check what the minimum age is..) Spoiler alert!! Hotel Intercontinental is one of them 😉

For our wedding anniversary we decided to go for our favourite brunch in Geneva, Woods restaurant in Hotel Intercontinental and as promised in my earlier post about my outfit (read here) I will tell you more about it now.

Their Woods restaurant offers Sunday brunch at 85chf per person (soft drinks included).
Yes, at this price it is more of a ‘lovely occasion’ brunch than a random Sunday brunch.
We love the settings, simple and elegant and far from the city centre it tends to be less crowded.  With lovely weather you can enjoy their small terrace surrounded by green bushes and little water pool (purely decorative, even though one lady decided to wash her feet in it, claiming it was super refreshing on this hot day..yikes!!).

Here is a quick peak and inspiration how we enjoyed ourselves 🙂

Sunday Brunch Hotel Intercontinental – I love fish so I totally enjoyed their fish oriented buffet: lobster, shrimps, crab salad ..

There are three buffet areas: starters, mains and desserts. You will always find something you like. This time the starters buffet was heavily oriented on fish but there is also a salad section (you simply compose your own salad), gazpacho, dried meat and other.

Sunday Brunch Hotel Intercontinental – My second round of starters: gazpacho and salad with shrimps and mini mozzarella

All this delicious food paired very well with our rosé wine.  We went with a bottle of swiss rosé, Oeil de Perdrix, which is one of my favourite summer wines.

The advantage of rosé is that you can drink it easily on a hot day and adding few ice cubes won’t hurt it, quite contrary!!

As main dish we could choose from mini burgers, pizza, another white fish ( I recall a cod, but not sure) to steamed veggies and roasted duck.

I must admit that on such a hot day I struggled bit with the choice of my main dish so after having two starters I went for small portion of the roasted duck with baked potatoes and steam veggies. It was very tasty! I was missing something light, grilled chicken meat maybe?

But their dessert choice is amazing! I let you judge for yourself … I am not a sweet-tooth but here I get always so excited, haha!!

Brunch Hotel Intercontinental – Dessert buffet – one side
Brunch Hotel Intercontinental – Dessert buffet – other side
And the winner is … My modest choice of desserts 🙂

It was too hot to take coffee outside on the terrace so we moved in the air-conditionned hotel lobby to enjoy their comfortable sitting area.

Stuff is lovely, nothing is a problem. They happily served us our coffee outside of the restaurant area.

Here you see me nearly dozing off in this super cozy sofa and with so much goodness in my tummy 🙂

Brunch Hotel Intercontinental – lobby

Kids friendly Sunday brunch
This is the kids corner area located right before the restaurant itself. There is a sitter staying with kids, having fun with them and ensuring their safety.
Kids under 5 years eat for free.
Kids 6 – 12 years pay 50% charge.
Babysitting is provided free of charge.

Brunch Hotel Intercontinental – Play area

Brunch hours
The brunch is on from 12am – 3pm but we stayed long after that, enjoying our coffee in lobby. If you wish to stay even longer you can move up to the pool area for cocktails or even stay on the Woods restaurant terrace, there is a lounge area.
Once we stayed there until 5pm, just chilling and finishing our drinks.

Here is a shot of the restaurant area already cleaned after the brunch.

Brunch Hotel Intercontinental – Restaurant Woods indoor area
I love the hall decorations in Hotel Intercontinental Geneva

So this is it! I shared with you part of our special day and hopefully showed you new place in Geneva to try out for your Sunday brunch whether you are local or visiting  🙂

For more information or reservations (highly recommended) I attach their official page (here).

Have fun!

Love, A.

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22 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch in Hotel Intercontinental, Geneva, Switzerland

  1. I love the idea of a brunch babysitter. The food looks gorgeuous. I’ll have to check it out when I’m next in Geneva! I have been to the writer’s workshop there which is just across the street. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha, you have just provided me with the coolest excuse to drink up fast!!!
    Wow, so much yummy food, and so little i can actually eat because I get full to quickly! That’s my struggle with all you can eat buffets.
    So do they do activities with the kids while the parents finish their drinks..?
    Happy Anniversary, you sure celebrated in style! 💕🍾💐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elegant and valid excuse, right?! haha .. they play board games, do some creative activities and I think they can watch movies too. And thank you 🙂 we really enjoyed our celebrations!!


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