White skirt and flower blouse magic

So here was our 6th wedding anniversary and we had all day planned out… Starting with lovely brunch at 5* Hotel Intercontinental, little walk along the lake with some fresh and fancy cocktails and then some nice dinner.

I find myself very comfortable in jeans or other pants in general but sometime I need to push myself harder to make an effort to look more feminine and attractive.

For this occasion and on hot August day I opted for a white knee high skirt with a flower sleeveless blouse, both from H&M, with satin chocolate brown medium heel shoes. I used my white pearl necklace as a bracelet and completed the outfit with my very favorite silver beaded clutch bag from Accessorize UK.

H&M white skirt and colourful flower sleeveless blouse; beaded clutch bag and accessories


I curled my hair and did a proper make up including Lancôme Rouge on my lips. I topped it with DKNY earrings, covered myself in Prada perfume and off I was…. ready to be my husband’s muse for the day again 😉

Shameless selfie 🙂
My favorite summer lipstick from Lancôme

I might be close to last person in the world to give fashion advices but if you are as me, too comfortable in your day to day wear and you feel like you need change, more dresses or skirts… simplicity is your thing.

Go for one color skirt with simple pattern, it will be easier to match with things you already have in your closet; not too short and not too tight so you don’t feel uncomfortable or self-conscious.

Also, don’t forget to pick the right shoes, it makes a huge difference. With naked legs that is where the attention will go. Right shoes can make your legs leaner and longer; mind the heels…  you don’t want to look unnatural or even twist your ankle 😉 

So what do you think? Are you ready for your skirt challenge?  (There actually is such thing going on on instagram right now… 21 days of skirt outfits only.. as i own exactly 3 skirts I don’t think I would last 😂)

You can read more about our day in my upcoming post  🙂

Thank you for reading & staying with me.

Love, A.

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4 thoughts on “White skirt and flower blouse magic

  1. Your shameless selfie as you called it is beautiful! I love this look so much. I am like you, at ease in comfy clothes, but I do like to get dressed up when I can. It’s just finding the occasion now!


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