Our stay at Art Hotel Debono 4* Corfu, Greece

We appreciated very much this hotel and do not hesitate to recommend it for your stay. It has very fresh look inside out. We have stayed in triple room and in addition requested also a baby cot. In general this makes any hotel room crowded and small, not here. Our room remained spacious and comfortable. Read more for detail review of the hotel and its services.

2016-07-02 12.51.33

ROOMS – very good: spacious, fresh, clean.
Rooms and entire hotel are decorated tastefully and in soft pastel tone. Everything was new and of good quality. At check-in our room was spotless clean. It was spacious, welcoming, with large balcony and bathroom.
Air-condition worked very well; it was set up by hotel at 24C and created very pleasant temperature (you are kindly asked during summer not to change the settings to ensure its highest efficiency). We would switched it off for the nights because of the kids.
Room is equipped with flat TV screen, empty mini fridge (to store your drinks or food), electric kettle, safe deposit (ours was brand new and not set up for use yet), spacious bathroom.
Special note: As this was quite a shock for us I feel the need to mention this. In this hotel and it appears that in entire Greece it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to throw toilette paper into the toilette. You need to throw it into the bin. This was kind of stressful fact for all of us and Zo consequently suffered with constipation, as she decided to wait till we get home for our ‘normal’ toilette as she said…

HOUSEKEEPING – unimpressed
We were quite unimpressed by housekeeping service mainly because they completely ignored our indications. First morning despite of the DO NOT DISTURB sign on, the housekeeping just abruptly rushed into the door (around 10am), without even the standard knock on the door (which is quite basic custom in high end hotels). I was sleeping after a rough night with the little one so I wasn’t very appreciative of this interruption. As I couldn’t fall asleep anymore afterwards I got ready and left to the pool, indicating MAKE UP ROOM request on the door sign. To my annoyance the room still wasn’t ready when we got back at 3pm from the pool to put kids down for a nap. Back went the sign DO NOT DISTURB and guess what, in 10 minutes I had housekeeping knocking on our door, if they can make up our room. Same for following days, when housekeepings passed only mid or late afternoon, ignoring the make up sign placed on our door since the morning.

OUTDOOR POOL: Hotel has stunning outdoor pool with enough sun beds. Pool towels are provided ( you will find them in the closet). The pool area is very spacious. There is direct sun light for the entire day but there are enough parasols and also shade provided by trees around. Toys and some swim aids are freely available at the pool, which is really nice thing as anyone can just grab a ball to play, gaggles or floating bed… Upon our departure we did not want to keep the sand toys, little swim board and so we also left it to the hotel, hopefully contributing to fun holidays of other kids 🙂
There is a pool bar (ice cream, drinks, snacks or lunch) right next to the pool and you have the possibility to be served at your place by the pool.
2016-07-02 13.33.52

2016-07-02 18.17.25

2016-07-02 18.19.09
PLAYGROUND AREA: Right behind the pool area there is small playground with a slide, swings, sea saw and marry goes around. It is nice for kids to have an alternative to the pool, however for most of the day the sun was very strong so we did not use the playground (afternoon is fine though).
2016-07-02 12.39.53
Right next to the playground was a TABLE TENNIS and TENNIS court, however for that was really too hot.
WIFI: wifi is available in all areas and free of charge. The connection is not the strongest however is the best we had in Corfu!
PARKING: available and free. As we were going around with rental car, we we happy to have a spot for the car.
Special note: Corfu is actually home to about dozen snake species. Most of them are not venomous but Horned Viper, the most venomous snake in Europe, lives there too and if bitten you need to seek medical help immediately. They avoid human habitat so the encounters with snakes are rare. The hotel takes precaution and is surrounded by snake repellents (I forgot to take a picture, they are white plastic boxes with some chemical substance in it. All I saw were out of reach for kids so did not represent any danger).

FOOD – bit disappointing
I took picture for you of the POOLSIDE BAR menu. These are the options you have for a meal during the day, outside of breakfast and dinner hours.
2016-07-04 14.22.242016-07-04 14.21.392016-07-04 14.21.31

2016-07-04 14.22.42

We tried the Light Club Sandwich, which was very poor choice. The fries are dry and not tasteful and the sandwich is simply a toasted bread with slice of ham and cheese melted together. The photo on the menu is legit.
We also tried Spring rolls which in full honesty were awful and had nothing in common with spring rolls as we know them except the wrap. One surprising ingredient was a canned belle peppers…
For the rest of the stay we remained faithful to Salad bar and Chicken Ceasar Salad. For Eur 5.50 you have access to the salad bar at the pool bar to and the only difference is the chicken meat (paid extra).
2016-07-04 14.34.542016-07-04 14.34.59

2016-07-04 14.18.52
Pasta Napolitana was very nice and you get quite generous portion. We actually split it by 3 and with salad as a starter it created very nice meal.

BREAKFAST: buffet, very varied choice. Different pastries, english breakfast, greek specialities, house made lemonade and juice. Lovely coffee. You can enjoy your breakfast in the air-conditioned dinning room our outside in the terrace, which is very nice as it is in shade and mornings in Corfu are fresh.
2016-07-05 09.38.54
2016-07-05 09.30.24

DINNER: Eur 15 per person, children of low age do not pay. Buffet, very varied choice. I was disappointed about the quality of the food but thanks to quite wide choice I could always find something to have. Same as breakfast, you can either eat inside or in the terrace, drinks are served.
Special note: I was very disappointed to see that most of the ingredients are ready made or processed food. The pastries for breakfast are ready made and baked in the hotel (it bothered us much less with pastries than with other meals though), the mini hot dogs or champignons served at breakfast are canned and fried in house, soup served at dinner is either canned or instant (the taste says it all and dehydrated veggies just confirm…). It might be common thing in hot places and I admit we are not used to it. Other hotel guests seemed quite pleased with the food.

STAFF – fantastic
Our entire experience in Greece was fantastic. People were nice, smiling, kind and helpful… same in Art Hotel Debono, everyone was very professional, helpful and friendly. Special thanks to Irene, lady working in the poolside bar, who noticed our daughter didn’t feel well and coughed a lot and our little one was cranky due to his teething and lack of sleep and she offered us a chamomile tea with honey for Zoe and coffee for the parents.. Very sweet gesture.

There is a lovely large salon in the hotel, with plenty of places to sit and enjoy cocktails from a bar, read a magazine, watch TV or play one of quite few board games available for you. It was nice place to chill after dinner..
2016-07-04 21.32.36

AQUALAND: very near to the hotel (about 4km?) there is this water attraction park. Our kids are too small so we did not make it there but might be of interest for you.
BEACH: there is a beach about 15min walk from the hotel, however we opted for restful last days of holidays and didn’t move from the pool.
Special tip: if you wish to go to beach one day, you must make it to GLYFADA BEACH! It is about 20min away by car. Awarded beach with crystal clear waters (review to follow)
RESTAURANTS: hotel is close to very busy street with restaurants, easily accessible by walk. Our stay was too short, we did not go. With the stroller it seemed like too much hassle, maybe next time.
BUS: there is a bus stop next to the hotel, the bus goes to Corfu Town. Reception will provide you with time table. We found this very convenient for our planned trip to Corfu Town, which finally never happened… Well, we have to leave something for our next trip, right 😉
PERFORMANCE NIGHTS: hotel organises also performance nights. To be honest, this type of thing gives me creeps because you often end up with a lousy artist and feel like trapped in a bad sit-com. On Monday there was a singer at dinner and she had amazing voice. Some songs clearly weren’t made for her but overall we were amazed by her performance, BRAVO to the hotel for finding this young lady, she truly has a gift… Xavi was smitten by her singing.. he sat without moving a muscle, staring at her 🙂

2016-07-04 20.10.25

LATE CHECK-OUT: our flight wasn’t until 10pm so we needed to stay the entire day. We appreciated very much that they made us a small room available. We could just stay and enjoy the day at the pool, have shower before dinner, repack what needed, prepare food for the little one for travelling. It made such a difference for all of us. .. only for 30Eur… totally worth it!!

Overall we rate our stay 5 stars (on a scale of 5 😉 ).
It is great value for money and definitely nice experience… those little shortcomings such as housekeeping or our annoyance with food wouldn’t spoil our stay.
Art Hotel Debono is definitely a place to consider for your stay at Corfu. Depending what type of holidays you like, you should decide whether shorter or longer stay is your fit. For us shorter stay at the end of holidays, after a week in Glyfada beach was just perfect transition.

We have stayed in this hotel for 4 days in July 2016.
Room was reserved through www.booking.com


Thank you for reading & staying with me.

Love, A.

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9 thoughts on “Our stay at Art Hotel Debono 4* Corfu, Greece

  1. Your pictures sure look nice! Glad you had a wonderful time!

    Did you ever get your stroller and the missing bag from the airline?

    Not a huge fan of Greek food, so Corfu would probably not be on the very top of my destination bucket list.

    I have never heard of the TP issue.


    1. Thank you Tamara! We received the stroller first and then the luggage the 3rd day. I need to sort out the claim now. Wait for my next review from Glyfada beach! I bet you will be booking your holidays for next year 😉😉 !!! As for the food, in that heat you can live on salads n fish n fries 😆 TP thing was really a shock to us hence me spreading the word haha


  2. I am dying to go to greece and reading reviews like this is very helpful!! now that housekeeping business .. what is that all about?? I would not be impressed either!!


  3. Wow this looks like such a gorgeous holiday! We absolutely love Greece and can’t wait to get back to the beautiful islands. We loved Paros and Santorini. We will need to look into Corfu and your great recommendations! I have found that the Greek islands have a different style food than typical Greek food you find in other countries. I find it fresh with fish and salads. Delicious!


    1. You are right that the islands are very different! I’ve been to Creta and I wasn’t too impressed. Now when the kids are very little I prefer to stick to known and tested spots but as soon as the little one is bit older I think we need to visit the other islands. Santorini looks so dreamy!!


  4. I have to say, after reading about the house-keeping and sleep disruptions I am not sure I’d have been able to rate a hotel a 5. But wow, look at that pool. 🙂 I totally agree about the bizarre nature of evening performers at resorts. Eek. But often I really appreciate the good ones. For the bad ones, it makes for a good laugh and a reason to get another glass of wine. 😉 So glad it was a nice experience.


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