Simplest Apple & Pear Compote with no Sugar

Do you have apples or pears which passed their prime?

Normally I would suggest this as kids and toddlers dessert recipe but as it appears it was my husband who ate entire pot of it the other day… this classifies as kids and husbands friendly snack.

kompot_vertical P

Peal and cut into pieces apples and pears you have, add some water (I put water to cover max half of the pot content), vanilla stick, cinnamon (I used ground cinnamon) and let simmer until all fruits are soft enough to be smashed by fork. THAT’S IT!! Seriously, it is that simple and so delicious, I promise!

And no, I did not forget to mention sugar. I do not add any sugar as it is sweeten by the pears and spiced with cinnamon. Cinnamon belongs to “sweet spices” so although it is not actually sweet, it mimics sweetness (like a nutmeg or ginger).

I know that others add to this recipe also lemon, nutmeg, honey (or sugar) and even Calvados (the adult version of compote). I like to cook from ingredients lying in my kitchen and most of all, I like to keep it simple 🙂

Enjoy ♥

Thank you for reading & staying with me.

Love, A.

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5 thoughts on “Simplest Apple & Pear Compote with no Sugar

  1. Oh my goodness, Alena, this sounds soooo yummy to me right now! It’s almost snowing outside, and I would love some of this!
    Have you ever used apple sauce as a baking ingredient? You can replace half of the butter, and it gets moist and delicious!


    1. Wow! Great one, thanks! Will definitely try it. Just today I had to make a lunch for my daughter’s class of 20kids and made a deserts based on this compote. Will post soon, it was great success and very simple n time efficient


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