For a friend

Lovely lady, a friend of mine, just said YES to the man of her life.

Small civil ceremony will be followed by a gorgeous May wedding in Provence, France.

Congratulations to my friend and her husband and wishes of never-ending love, joy and happiness IMG_20160417_220915

Love, A.


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Coffee, soup and happiness addict, girl of controversy I miss daydreaming and slow time. Leaving corporate world, pursuing my dreams and blogging about things close to my heart. Swiss based.

2 thoughts on “For a friend

  1. Thankyou!! The flowers are amazing!!! It was the best day ever!! Despite a child with chickenpox, no sleep the night before and the forecast wasfor a heavy rainstorm- everything really shone for us. Blossom and sun shine will now always make my heart fill with even more love than I realised I could feel ! Xxxx

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