My 10 great Christmas gift ideas for 2-6 years old

Gift boxes with bow and snowflakes

Christmas is quickly approaching and we are running out of precious time to come up with great gifts and to find them and get them shipped in time. You will love my list of great no-gender specific Christmas gifts ideas for kids, which all can be shopped online. Links included. Here you go and Marry Christmas!

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9 Swiss Christmas markets to get you in a festive mood


With Christmas getting closer most of us start to look around for nice Christmas market tips. This is the first year that we stay in Switzerland for Christmas, usually we visit my family in Czech republic and I was disappointed about not going this year but now I am excited like a little girl about staying. It […]

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Academia, Love Me Back 


Yesterday I came across this read, which touched a nerve for obvious reasons… PhD student Tiffany Martínez gets accused of cheating with her college paper due to use of word ‘hence‘… However correctly or incorrectly she had placed this word, it is shocking to be dismissed based on assumption that this word cannot be a part of […]

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Women’s Mental Health – When to Get help


I look around at my friends, social media, stories I hear and I don’t know if it is a coincidence, a bad (few) year(s) or our age but there is so much unhappiness and suffering, than it’s staggering. Depressions. Illnesses. Couple crises. Burnouts. Anxieties. Losses. Financial crises. Loneliness. I believe that it is our age. That […]

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One day it just clicks


I am so much in love with this. Beautiful, kind, inspiring, truthful, rewarding. It feels like the perfect finale for my transformation (here) and pineapple post (here). It feels like after tough times I found myself again, just tiny bit better. And it worths to remember that the original tagline on my starter blog was “my […]

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Pear, banana, berry compote and reusable pouches

My kids love their compote! It is great snack or dessert and when buying, I always try to get the ones with no sugar added. You would be surprised how difficult it is here in Switzerland! The brands available in main grocery stores have wide range of compote flavours but once you are on ‘no sugar […]

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